University of Warsaw

Associate professor of linguistics and translation studies at the University of Warsaw. In 2016 she received habilitation degree for her monograph “Sight translation. Theoretical considerations and eye tracking research” and earlier (in 2009) she received doctorate from the University of Warsaw for her PhD thesis on psycholinguistic aspects of translation teaching. Currently, she is the head of the Department of Translation Studies at the Institute of Specialised Communication and Culturology.

In the last years, her research has been focusing on the cognitive processes involved in translation and interpreting. Recently it also turned to include mental processes that underlie literary reading, as well as biological indicators of relaxation during reading, especially ones connected with linguistic and genre-based factors. She was a member of the working group: “Experiential and emotional aspects of reading” in the E-READ COST Action (Evolution of reading in the age of digitization).   She is also particularly interested in methodological issues related to the use of the eye tracking method in linguistics and translation studies and neurobiological determinants of eye tracking parameters. Since 2012 she is the head of the Laboratory for Experimental Eye Tracking Linguistics and since 2015 the head of the Experimental Research Centre at the faculty.

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